“The limit does not exist!”

We’ve all had that one classmate who could manage to get an answer wrong even while using a  calculator. I was that girl. I’ve been crying over math since the first grade and nearly dropped out of undergrad due to Finite Mathematics (which I re-took SIX times and STILL don’t really know what it is). The only math class I ever remember enjoying was pre-calc when I finally got to hear the quote of beloved Mean Girl- Cady Heron, “The limit does not exist!” Bottom line: I’m terrible at math.

Despite my aversion to all things numbered, there is one equation I keep coming back to: Calculating my value. 

Whether you are number-challenged, or you’re the math wizard classmate who hated students like me, I’m certain that you’re still working on this problem too.

We live in a culture obsessed with using numbers to represent the value of something. For example:

  • a BMI to indicate quality of health
  • a Credit Score to demonstrate financial stability
  • a certain number of Followers on social media to suggest likability

We are convinced that if we somehow find all the right numbers, they’ll add up to name us Valuable and Worthy of Love. We compare this number to those of others based on what we see in their lives, yet most of the time we feel our value doesn’t quite measure up.

Jealousy occurs when you believe that whatever she (you know, the girl you constantly compare yourself to) possesses is more valuable than what you possess yourself.

But unlike your pant size, number of bridesmaids, or your GPA- your value as a woman is not quantifiable.

And guess what… neither is her value.

During one of Jesus’ most famous teachings, The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus encouraged people not to be anxious about life by illustrating that the sparrows do not worry about where their food will come from.  If God provides for little birds who just fly around all day, He implies how much more God will provide for us, His people whom He has created, chosen, and loved.

So how does this passage relate to our unquantifiable value?

In Matthew 6, Jesus says “You are worth many sparrows.” Notice that he doesn’t say, “you are worth exactly 20 sparrows.” Neither does he say “you are worth many sparrows but she is worth many more.” Jesus is saying that you are worth a lot. Your value is a lot. Not a number…a lot!

You see, Christ only died once, and that death covered the multitude of all sins. All of yours and all of hers. Jesus didn’t die a little extra because he loved her more. He died one death to cover it all. And He came back to life to redeem it all. No number can represent Christ’s love for you. His love is infinite. The limit does not exist!!

So maybe the world’s calculator says she’s worth more. But the resurrected king says you’re both worth it ALL.

I am so relieved that I cannot reach a number that will represent my value, and even more relieved that I don’t have to keep up with the the world’s equation. When I assess my value this way, I find little reason to compare.

Now its your turn to decide…how will you determine your value?

This week’s challenge:

  1. What are the main factors in the equation you are currently using to calculate your value? (i.e. number on the scale + money in the bank + friends + GPA, etc.)
  2. Choose one of those elements to focus on this week. When you begin to quantify your value with it, remind yourself that you are worth many sparrows.

With Love & Freedom,


unquantifiable_valueMegan Dillman, Arclight Collective Photography

5 thoughts on ““The limit does not exist!”

  1. Kara Osburn says:

    LOVE reading your posts, Kels. You are a blessing! Also, can I just say that there is so much to be said about you and your persistence in taking Finite six times! You may have once seen it as a bad thing, but my goodness I see it as a huge strength that you were so dedicated that you kept trying!!! You go girl. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Deanna Day Young says:

    I’m not good at math either! And I do constantly find myself comparing. I need to get healthier but have continued to refuse to get a gym membership for the exact thing you mentioned – comparing myself to everybody else and knowing I don’t measure up. I do it constantly. I always think I’m not good enough and I know that it is the devil. I’m working on it!! I am 52 years old, mother of 2 daughters, wife of 30 years, full-time paralegal, speaker, writer, and run our non-profit delivering buckets to children who suffer from cancer. I love all that I do….so why do I compare myself to areas I just can’t measure up? Thanks for making me re-evaluate the numbers game and realize it’s “non-existent”!!!


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