Dear Jealous Girl, That’s Not Your Name Anymore.

I promise I wasn’t trying to click-bait you. But I knew this title would keep you reading because I see the way you label yourself. I see it in you the same way I’ve seen it in myself over the years. The stickiness of shame has your label glued so tight, that it makes opening a pickle jar look easy. This label of the past, or even the present, is restricting you from having any hope for your identity in the future.

But I’m here to tell you that the label you’re grasping onto doesn’t accurately define you.

You are not the jealous girl, the lonely girl, the depressed girl, or the pudgy girl. You’re not the damaged girl, the weak, annoying, or dumb girl.

Where do these labels come from anyways?

I think we pick up these labels as we are climbing and striving to become somebody. 

You work hard to be the pretty girl, the smart girl, the successful, funny, and likable girl. You try to be the best, or at least measure up to the girls around you, but along the way you’ve fallen short. Instead of becoming somebody, you look at the other girl’s who seem to have “arrived” and call yourself jealous girl, living as a slave to that label.

But here’s some good news: You don’t need to become somebody because you already are somebody in Christ.

If you are in Christ and have accepted Him as your Lord & Savior, you are free from those labels and can only be defined by Him. God calls you His daughter, His heir, His beloved child. You are God’s girl, and there is nothing you can do to achieve that. There is no special formula. There’s no competing or striving. He has claimed you.

God spoke through the prophet, Isaiah and said, “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name, you are mine.” (Isaiah 43)

This one sentence is so rich in its meaning and implications for us.

In the chapter just before this, Isaiah told the Israelites about the wrath that they deserve. They should be afraid because of how sinful they are, but God says do not fear because He loves and them and will redeem His people. Similarly, He won’t leave you stuck to your label or your struggles.

The wonderful thing about the word redeem in this verse is that in its original language, redeem is often used to refer to paying a ransom.

There is a price to pay in order to free a slave. God used this word to show that He would pay the highest price- which would be sending His one and only, perfect son to die a painful and humiliating criminal’s death on a cross- in order to free you and me from bondage of this world that we deserve.

When you accept the payment of Jesus, your sin no longer defines you. Instead, the grace of God, who says, “you are mine” is what defines you.

Jesus died so that you wouldn’t have to strive and fight your way to the top. He died to give you freedom from the burdens of trying to become somebody in this world. Jesus died so that you may lay that jealous girl label down at His feet and take on your title as Daughter of the King.

Lastly, He summons you by name. Not, “Come here jealous girl!” or “Hey you.” He doesn’t even holler at you by your first and middle name- you know, the way your mom did when you were about to be in big trouble. Instead, your redeemer says,

“Sweet daughter, whom I love. I have something to offer you. It was expensive for me, but it’s completely free for you. I want to give you redemption from you broken and ugly pieces. I want to give you freedom from what limits you. I created you for so much more than this world and its labels have to offer. I am giving you eternal life, which will be your hope from this dark place. And while you may still suffer here on Earth, when you meet me in eternity you’ll never cry or hurt again. You live on and on in my kingdom with my glory and my joy forever. You don’t have to accept this gift; the choice is yours. But I want you to say yes because you are my daughter and I love you.”

So jealous girl, will you exchange your sticky label of shame for your title as Daughter of the King? I think it suits you well.

With Love & Freedom,


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