What’s New?

Hey friends,

For those of you who have previously visited my blog, Detangled & Free, you may have noticed some changes. The site is more simple, the branding is less polished, and the content is… different. And for those of you who are visiting for the first time, you might be wondering what the phrase Detangled & Free is all about.

I’ve had some amazing experiences with D&F over the last few years. I was able to connect with women from all over the world and encourage them through overcoming the common struggles of comparison and jealousy. As a Bible-believing christian, I used this little corner of the internet as a platform to point women to the truth about their identity as God defines it. And together we built up sisterhood and squashed competition.

In response to many D&F comments and conversations, I wrote the devotional workbook Worthy: 10 Days of Remembering Who God Says You Are, which sold over 800 copies on Amazon, and gave me the opportunity to speak to sweet crowds of women from all walks of life— high school, to college, to grandparenting. And many of you utilized this resource as a tool for discipleship, which was absolutely heartwarming. It was an encouraging season, to say the least.

In the midst of graduate school and some big life happenings, I knew I needed to take a step back from writing in order to be fully mindful and invested in the work that was set before me. During this break, I wrestled with what would be next for D&F.

I still loved writing, but truthfully felt a little burned out after the marathon that was writing a book. Additionally, there were times in my blogging that I felt like a bit of an imposter— that I was claiming to be bigger and better and more of an expert than I really was. But deep down, the heart of it all was pretty simple: to be a light and an encouragement, to share what was on my mind, and to connect with others through the creative avenue of writing. This was the reason I first started blogging in 2013….that and the fact that 140 characters was just not enough space to share my musings on Twitter.

So here we are now, somewhere between the grassroots and gradeur.

I kept the name Detangled and Free, because I still feel like there’s so much that we as humans find ourselves entangled in— expectations and pressures, disappointments and distractions, the complications and complexities of life, sin, heartache and grief, health problems, rampant consumerism, privilege, power, discontentment and insecurity. I had to do some unraveling myself in order to come to this place. But I still see freedom on the other side and in-spite of those pains.

So this is Detangled & Free. It is me, Kelsee Keitel, processing life, sharing what’s on my mind, and hoping that someone is encouraged along the way. My aim is to keep it simple and enjoy myself. And that’s what I hope for you too.

With Love & Freedom,


Turkey Run State Park.

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