Meet Kelsee

Hello! Its so nice of you to join me here.

My name is Kelsee Keitel. I am an IU grad, continuing my studies in counseling at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. I’m a newly wed wife to my incredible hubby Quinn, an avid tea sipper and bookworm. I believe happy dancing is one of life’s purest expressions of joy.


I’m passionate about cultivating sisterhood through vulnerability, tearing down the barriers that shame creates in our lives, and introducing other women to the freedom we can have by following Jesus.

I believe words are powerful, and I want to use mine to their fullest capacity- encouraging & exhorting my sisters, and glorifying the Lord with every sound.

If I accomplish nothing else here, I hope that you can read my stories and see that you are not alone in your struggles, and you are never out of moves toward becoming the person you were designed to be.

If you’re ready to be detangled from what’s holding you back from freedom, join me in the journey. I’m riding along right beside you.

With Love & Freedom,