Poetry- Something New

In 2016 one of my dads was diagnosed with cancer. After enduring treatments, he received 8 months of remission, only for the cancer to return terminal. In the midst of one of the most painful seasons of my life, I began to process in the way that I do best- by pen an paper. But this time, through a new avenue- poetry.

Unlike most of my writing, I didn’t create these with you in mind. I wrote them for myself. I don’t remember the rules of poetry that I learned in 4th grade. But through hours of creative flow, I’ve found a healthy release.

In the 8 pieces that follow, you’ll read about a daughter’s grief; shame and heartache; angst, and an everyday christian wrestling with doubt. While my life is still full of joy and goodness, I think our culture often urges us to reduce our human experience to that sparkly half of the story. And I don’t think that’s fair for individuals who are struggling.

Ultimately, I’m sharing these poems with you because grief is a common experience that connects us as humans. And whether you are grieving or not, you likely know some who is. A friend, a family member, your boss, or the stranger taking too long a the self-check-out ahead of you. I hope that my poems can provide readers with insight, the ability to empathize, and a sigh of relief to know that coping doesn’t have to be accompanied by a fake smile. It’s okay to be honest about where you are.

These poems are honest. They’re raw. And straight from my heart. And I’m excited to invite you in. But I ask that as you read, please respect the writer behind the screen- she’s a real human. Finally, if any of these pieces resonates with you, I would love the privilege to hear about that.

With Love & Freedom,