Meet Kelsee

Hi friend! My name is Kelsee Keitel.

Over the last year, I’ve been discovering that less truly is more.

  • Less clutter has led to more clarity of my values. 
  • Less consumption has led to more contentment. 
  • Less processed food & animal products has led to more peace and health improvements.
  • Less mindless-scrolling has given more meaning to my life.
  • Less waste has led to more gratitude.

Through these observations and quiet musings, I’m learning that life really doesn’t have to be so complicated. This is a space for me to share and process those discoveries. 

A little more about me… I’m a Christian, a vegan, a wife, and a counselor. I love to be physically active, cook with my husband, share a meal with friends, spend time in nature, and learn new things. I dance when I’m excited and I think earthworms are adorable.

Finally, I believe that to discover, embrace, and express one’s true self can be one of life’s most challenging, yet rewarding tasks. And I hope to always be a person who cheers others along in that pursuit. 

 Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. I use social media less and less these days. If you’d like to stay connected, give this blog a follow. You might also enjoy my husband Quinn’s blog