The Knot

Have you ever noticed an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach while scrolling through Instagram? How about while walking into the gym? You see the popular friend, the perfect mom, the breathtaking engagement, the cardio queen…and you start to wonder how you’ll ever measure up.

You live in a world with Pinterest-Perfect expectations and the pressure to live a “share”able life, so its natural to compare yourself to others.

You do it. She does it. And I do it too.

Your comparison leads to jealousy, and that jealousy leads to shame. The shame leads you to compare some more, which results in more jealousy, and…you guessed it…more shame. These three elements: Comparison, Jealousy, and Shame,  have a way of entangling us. I call it The Knot. Its a messy, tangled, complex reality, which leads to the ultimate feeling of being trapped. Like a tangled up necklace, the harder we try to be free, the tighter the knot seems to pull.

But, sweet sister, you don’t have to be stuck. You may feel like there’s no escaping this mess. But that is a lie.

The truth is, you can be free from the knot which entangles you. But there is only ONE way, and the way is Jesus.

Maybe you’ve been walking with the Lord for a while or perhaps you’re not too sure about this whole “God thing.”

Detangled&Free is for you.

And we’re not just going to talk about being detangled; we’re actually going to live detangled. And I say WE because I’m in this with you.